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About Simplicity

Software Solutions

Simplicity Solutions Group provides a suite of applications to manage the total life cycle of records, both electronic and physical, as well as firm assets and inventories. Our products are also available as drop in source code for your existing application.

With years of experience in back end record conversion, we have provided services across a variety of industries to assist clients in implementing electronic archiving and accountability of vital enterprise records. We have resolved issues at the point of conversion that could have been mitigated in a far more cost effective manner at the point of origination.

Information Management

Contemporary business requires a firm to consider not only what a record or asset means now, but what it represents in the future. Companies must deploy a process today and account for it tomorrow across all aspects of their business. Each business is a mechanism to provide products and services as well as the creator of information to identify effective policies. To be successful, a business must be a responsible custodian of that information.

Asset Management

Company assets present similar challenges. Like the records a company creates, its vital fixed assets, intellectual property, software licensing or supply items represent more than capital value. You must account for these items to be effective in the marketplace.

Let us empower you with a comprehensive solution expertly crafted from low cost technology which puts enterprise level processes within the grasp of any business. This technology combined with our singular experience will resolve issues now and help you avoid costs later.

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