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Space Planning in Records Management: Doing More with Less...

These days, office space is at a premium: it’s expensive, it’s limited, and demand for it is high. With organizations growing all the time, and producing more records as they do so, storing your information assets is fast becoming a major space issue.

A good Records Management program is part of the solution to this space issue, in ways that may surprise you. After all, two of the main goals of an effective records management program are to make optimal use of available storage space while keeping records long enough to support business and minimize risk.

In fact, Records Management best practices offer a wide range of options which can impact both the volume of organizational file collections and the space required to store those collections. In order for these options to support business efficiency, legal compliance, and cost reduction, organizations must take the right actions in the right order and apply clear metrics for measuring success.

My Office Planning Group consultants offer the following solutions:

  • Records Retention Scheduling and Disposal
  • Functional Records Classification
  • Purging non-records
  • Offsite and Near-site Storage
  • Documented records destruction
  • Making it Happen: Equipment and Supplies
  • Vertical vs. Lateral filing
  • End tab vs. Top-tab
  • Mobile vs. Stationary Shelving
  • Realizing the Benefits: Space Saving in Action

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