Green Office Solutions

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Workplace

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average employed American works 9.3 hours per day — that’s more time than dedicated to any other activity. Not surprisingly, offices account for nearly one-fifth of all commercial energy consumption. The good news? Greening your workplace can be both simple and cost-effective with the help of My Office Planning Group!

In fact, our team of consultants can help direct you to a full line of eco-friendly manufacturers who are now providing a host of green products Green Mugincluding:

  • Environmentally Friendly Desks, Chairs and OfficeFurniture
  • Office Recycling Products & Shredders to cut down on paper waste
  • Recyclable office supplies such as envelopes, paper, & paper towels

We live in a time where both indoor and outdoor pollutants are affecting all parts of our lives. Greening the office is a great way to improve your health and protect the environment. Contact one of our local consultants today for help in purchasing environmentally friendly office equipment for your organization.