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University of Washington Library

Ward and Smith, PA - Learn how My Office Planning Group helped relocate 24 attorneys including their files, match 12 new workstations to existing ones and create efficient system for 12,000 linear inches of files!


TAB Guide: Demonstrating Return-on-Investment for Records Management Initiatives
This guide gives RM professionals the strategies for demonstrating records management's ROI based on hard and soft dollar revenue flows, reduced risk and improved long-term returns. The results of our November ROI survey in the OnRecord e-newsletter were used as the basis for this whitepaper - so this is exactly what people in the industry are talking about today!

Records Management Training Guide

Even the best records management tools and practices are useful only if they can be applied effectively by staff across an organization. This guide lays out strategies for designing, developing and delivering a records management training program. Share this with your clients and introduce them to the TAB SMART program while you're at it!

TAB Guide: 5 Tips for Selecting and Implementing RM Software in the Hybrid Environment
RM software is a great solution to manage the hybrid environment, but it can be a challenge! This whitepaper will help your clients learn to select the right solution for their unique records management situation and apply sound records management methodologies and principles to that solution. The 5 tips in this guide include: Establishing RM requirements up front, building RM requirements into the electronic system, creating one stop information access, responding to the unique needs of paper records and developing electronic support for real world records retention.