Mobile Storage Systems

Dramatically Increase Your Storage Capacity

High Density Mobile Filing Systems free up valuable office space to help you grow your business and boost productivity. You can recover up to 50% of your floor space by eliminating fixed aisles.



Planning and installing the right High Density Mobile Filing solution starts by analyzing your specific requirements. Together, we will devise a solution that maximizes your available square footage and increase efficiency.


My Office Planning Group features local experts that specialize in consulting and redesigning workflow systems to help you keep track of all your files. Let our experts show you how you can maximize your file room efficiency.


Mobile Filing Solutions - Options to Help you Increase Storage Space

Case Studies

TAB-TRAC mobile storage increases storage capacity while using less space for Pharmaceutical Card Systems

Implementation of a customized TAB-TRAC mobile storage system
allowed the State of Illinois to achieve its goal of versatile, compact, highdensity storage for their new facility.

EZ Roller Movable storage system helps Ohio County jail save space and money