Imaging & Electronic Filing

Make the Transition from Paper to Electronic Filing

Knowing where to start, how to work through all the steps to a successful completion, and who to partner with to get the job done are all critical things to consider when going paperless. What records to image or convert, the best vehicle for storage, and the method of retrieval that best suits the organization’s needs are just a few of the decisions we can help you with!

My Office Planning Group consultants will provide your business with effective and efficient information management solutions designed to help you organize, control and find critical documents. The resulting benefits enables you to track any file, anytime, anywhere!

From Labeling Software, to File Tracking Software and Conversion Services, My Office Planning Group can help - here are jus a few of the benefits:

Document Search Find Documents Faster:
The contents of nearly all file cabinets can be recalled in seconds (with document imaging) by approved people at any location — near or far — using a network that already exists, in most cases.
Secure Document Control:
Given secure remote access to the in-house network, approved staff can access records from home or even while traveling if policy allows.
Save Money Save Money:
Reports that are printed periodically incur heavy costs in distribution, storage, and securing. With electronic filing, printing can be avoided. Reports are visible online for approved individuals.
Save Time Save Time:
The cost of filing papers in file cabinets is diminished.
Remote Access Remote Access & Portability:
Documents can be emailed, faxed, or reprinted at any approved workstation.